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Mission St. Vincent Bordeaux Blanc 2012 750ml
SKU: 00299

Mission St. Vincent Bordeaux Blanc 2012


This twelfth century Mission, which today houses a modern winery, is renowned throughout Bordeaux for its white wine. Sauvignon Blanc grapes, picked at perfect ripeness and carefully selected for their flowery aroma, are blended with a 30% portion of later picked and heavier Semillon grapes to create this award winning wine. The result is a grapefruit, citrus-flower, and peach fragrance, round middle with great balance, and a crisp, clean finish. Mission St. Vincent Bordeaux is the perfect choice before dinner, or served with shellfish, fish, poultry or lighter fare. Many of our customers who appreciate the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs find this quite appealing, and at a better price point! Bon Appétit!