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Livingston Cellars Burgundy 3L Bottle

Livingston Cellars Burgundy 3L Bottle

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3L Bottle

The deep, rich, hearty flavor of good Burgundy epitomizes for many people how red wine is supposed to taste. If you are such a wine drinker, then our Livingston Cellars Burgundy will come as a very pleasant surprise. Dry yet full of flavor, the delicious hints of black cherry that grace this wine will be of special interest to Burgundy enthusiasts. Serving Suggestions: This wine excels with grilled or roasted red meats. Hearty beef bourguignonne, a rich stew that actually originates from the Burgundy region in France, is another natural choice. The full body and of this wine serves as an excellent complement to any number of 'favorite' dishes.
Category Red Wine
Region California
Brand Livingston Cellars
Alcohol/vol 12%