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Pepe Zevada Gran Reserva Extra Anjeo

Pepe Zevada Gran Reserva Extra Anjeo

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Tequila Extra Añejo is Pepe's masterpiece after almost 40 years in the spirits industry. It is the pinnacle of his successful and passionate professional life. It also reflects the perfection of the Z Tequila portfolio and the high quality vision of the brand. Pepe himself participated in the definition of the character and the personality of this superb 100% agave juice with our highly experienced Master Distiller. The bottle is a premium, handmade evolution of the current product. The elegant and distinctive design, results in an attractive packaging that stands out, but keeps the same true values of the original. Produced in limited edition, only 500 cases, and bearing his own signature, Pepe delivers his promise of the ultimate warranty of quality: The Zevada Family Name.
Category Anejo
Region United States, Texas
Brand Pepe Zevada
Alcohol/vol 40%